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Big regional differences in the target markets of carriers deploying Ethernet access technologies have emerged in Light Reading's September Research Poll.

In North America, Ethernet-to-the-home is considered a dead duck by respondents so far. It's got zero votes in the poll, while 65 percent of respondents expect Ethernet to have the biggest impact in services to small-to-medium-sized businesses.

In contrast, Ethernet-to-the-home gets the biggest vote -- 53 percent -- in the Asia/Pacific, with the small-to-medium businesses market garnering a mere 26 percent.

Western Europe occupies the middle ground. Ethernet-to-the-home gets 25 percent of the vote, while SMBs get 40 percent.

Other results of the poll include:

  • Ethernet will become more commonplace than ATM in copper access lines supporting broadband services in 2007, according to the largest proportion of respondents -- 35 percent.

  • Ethernet will take longer to become the predominant method of terminating telecom services over fiber access lines. The largest proportion of respondents think this won't happen until 2008 or later.

  • The primary incentive for telcos to roll out Ethernet access to businesses is being able to bundle multiple services on a single access line, and being able to use low-cost equipment (each got 30 percent of the vote).

  • The primary incentive for telcos to roll out Ethernet access to homes is bundling multiple services on a single access line (25 percent of the vote), followed by offering video-based services (20 percent).

  • The primary obstacle to Ethernet access to businesses is the threat of cannibalizing existing services (45 percent of the vote).

  • The primary obstacle to Ethernet-to-the-home is lack of user demand (25 percent). (FastWeb SpA in Italy would probably disagree -- see TV Over DSL Over Italy .)
To take the poll yourself and see the latest results in detail, please click on this link.

— Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading
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