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EarthLink Tests WiFi Phone

ATLANTA -- EarthLink (Nasdaq: ELNK) has selected Accton Technology Corporation (TAIEX: 2345), a global premier provider of networking and communications equipment, to manufacture handsets for the company's Wi-Fi phone initiative. EarthLink Wi-Fi phones will allow consumers to save money by making high-quality phone calls over the Internet using a wireless handset. EarthLink is beta testing phones on the company's municipal wireless network in Anaheim, Calif.

"What separates our Wi-Fi phone from others is its ability to work over EarthLink's municipal Wi-Fi networks," said Steve Howe, EarthLink's senior vice president of voice. "This means that EarthLink is now bringing cheap phone calls using the Internet to the world of mobile -- a major breakthrough. We expect that many people who use cell phones today in our municipal Wi-Fi markets will want to switch to a Wi-Fi phone to take advantage of the significant cost savings." He added that EarthLink's Wi-Fi phones round-out the company's full suite of Internet voice products, which also include trueVoice, a low-cost telephone service, and DSL and Home Phone Service, which combines low-cost phone service with ultra-fast high speed Internet.

"We are very pleased to partner with EarthLink," said Ken Lu, president of Accton Technology. "Providing Accton's SIP-based Wi-Fi phone to EarthLink proves that Accton's VoIP design and manufacturing quality meets different next-generation voice service standards and provides the great cost saving to consumers."

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