E-xpedient Delivers Wireless Network

MIAMI, Fla. -- e-xpedient/CAVU, Inc. announces the first commercial network using free-space optics (FSO) and 60 GHz broadband fixed-wireless radios. e-xpedient delivers 100 megabit-per-second (Mbps) broadband Internet service, solving the "last mile" problem in Miami, FL with a wholly-owned-and-deployed IP-only Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). The network delivers true broadband service to end-user businesses with affordable pricing packages from $100 - $5,500 and up per month. Customers can instantly activate, provision and prepay for service with CAVU's e-xpedient fully automated electronic billing and payment system. Customers don't have to wait for a technician to install their service. CAVU's e-xpedient packages its service so that every customer receives 100 Mbps speed regardless of how much they use the service.

The first customers in Miami have enthusiastically embraced this new service. Says Alex Kurkin, partner, Pathman & Lewis, "We weren't even looking to change providers, but e-xpedientSM's service sounded too good to ignore. I was very skeptical, so much so that I chose to maintain our former service as a back up. e-xpedient did perform, and as we experienced no problems with e-xpedient, I canceled our other service in two weeks. By switching to e-xpedient we were able to substantially increase our Internet speed and get more voice lines out of our T1 without increasing our cost."

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