Mediacom's Other 105-Meg Market

7:10 AM -- As noted earlier, Waterloo, Iowa, isn't the only Mediacom Communications Corp. market that will get the MSO's Docsis 3.0 "Ultra 105" treatment before the end of 2009. Mediacom VP of legal and public affairs Tom Larsen said the operator is also preparing to launch the tier in Dagsboro, Del. (See Mediacom to Wear Speed King Crown .)

And we now have a price target for Ultra 105, which is poised to become the fastest Docsis tier in the U.S. Larsen says Mediacom expects to offer it for a permanent price of $200 per month, though the MSO plans to offer a 12-month introductory price of about $150 per month.

Mediacom's 50-Mbit/s Docsis 3.0 product, meanwhile, is set to sell for about $130 per month, with an intro price of $100, he tells Cable Digital News. "We feel good about the price points we picked," he says, noting that the wideband tiers will target a small group of high-end broadband users.

By comparison, Mediacom's current fastest 20-Mbit/s tier sells for $79.95 per month. Cablevision's 101-Mbit/s Docsis 3.0 package sells for $99.95, but is subject to more than $300 in installation fees. (See Cablevision Debuts 101-Mbit/s Wideband Service and Activating Wideband .)

Waterloo and Dagsboro will get both tiers sometime next month. Another eight Mediacom markets, still to be disclosed by the MSO, will start off its wideband efforts by the end of the year with just the 50-meg offering. [Ed. note: We suspect consumers there will be able to, you know, get by with that sort of speed burst.] (See Mediacom Preps 100-Meg D3 .)

Larsen expects those to be revealed within the next two weeks as Mediacom gears up to do a local press blitz touting the new wideband tiers.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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