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Classy New York Post

4:00 PM -- The New York Post is what we in the media industry aspire to be. With a constant flow of Lindsay Lohan scoops, jaw dropping wit, and a never ending supply of hyperbole, it's the best 25 cents you've ever spent.

With its mounds of resources thanks to its mounds of quarters, the Post can produce sophisticated visual aids such as this. This is something I would've done a long time ago, but the technology at Light Reading I'm afraid is just nowhere near as advanced as that of the Post. On a good day, I might be able to pull off the mustache, but the three piece suit complete with cane and top hat? I can only crumble to the ground with humility.

I can't wait to see what Rupert has in store for the Wall Street Journal.

— Raymond McConville, Sarcastic Jerk, Light Reading

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