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Ceton Plays the Waiting Game

3:50 PM -- Ceton Corp. has again delayed its first shipment of its CableCARD-based InfiniTV 4 quad-tuner card, blaming it on part shortages.

Ceton's TV-based tuning devices can turn Windows Media Center-enabled PCs into cable digital boxes. It originally hoped to start shipping the product sometime in the first quarter of 2010, but later moved that to May 31. (See Ceton Delays CableCARD PC-TV Tuner and Ceton Pitches Cable Set-Top Alternative .)

Ceton hasn't set a revised shipment date but is hopeful it can get product out the door by the end of June. "We think and hope it's a matter of weeks, not months," chief marketing officer Ed Graczyk says.

Ceton explained the reasons for the latest delay in a newsletter distributed via email on Friday: "Unfortunately, the global recession has resulted in manufacturers maintaining low inventory levels of everything, which have resulted in parts shortages across the industry that are affecting everyone from little guys like us to the largest PC and CE OEMs in the world"

The InfiniTV 4 uses more than 1,000 parts, but, according to Graczyk, the company has had trouble procuring sufficient quantities of two in particular: flash memory and a piece required for the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) assembly.

"The only thing between us and shipping this product is getting enough parts to our contract manufacturers," Graczyk says.

Ceton has already cleared one signficant hurdle: CableLabs approval. Cable's R&D house recently certified the InfiniTV 5, considered an OpenCable Unidirectional Receiver (OCUR), for retail distribution later this year.

Ceton's yet to reveal how many pre-orders it's received for the InifiTV but says the total has exceeded expectations. Ceton has received fewer than 10 cancellations due to the latest shipment delay, according to Graczyk.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Light Reading Cable

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:35:05 PM
re: Ceton Plays the Waiting Game

Interesting range of responses so far over at TheGreenButton, the "official" Windows Media Center Community.  Some folks, as you might expect, are dissapointed in the news, but not overly so, actually commending Ceton for being upfront about the delays. Some aren't being as kind... wondering if the parts issue is actually a smokescreen for some other, much larger problem. But  Ceton's wise to keep these folks informed, since some are already starting to see these delays as an opportunity for SiliconDust, which is making a CableCARD tuner of its own. JB


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