Arris Caps Off CCAP Trials

One small step for Arris Group Inc. One giant step for the converged cable access platform (CCAP).

Arris announced this week that its E6000 Converged Edge Router (CER) has been tested on "tens of thousands" of subscribers and is now ready for widespread cable deployment. The device serves two purposes. It can act solely as a high-density, next-generation cable modem termination system (CMTS) or it can combine support for DOCSIS data and MPEG video services as a single, integrated CCAP chassis, eliminating the need for a separate edge QAM device in the cable headend.

Not surprisingly, Comcast Corp., which has championed CCAP from the very beginning, has taken the MSO lead on CCAP trials. But at least three other major U.S. cable operators -- Time Warner Cable Inc., Bright House Networks and Cox Communications -- have plans to test deployments this year. (See Major Cable Players Rally Around CCAP.)

As for the vendor landscape, Casa Systems Inc. took the crown in May as the first provider to offer an integrated CCAP product. However, Arris demonstrated the same functionality with the E6000 router at the Cable Show in June. Plus, Cisco Systems Inc., CommScope Inc. and Harmonic are also competing in the race for CCAP market share. (See Casa Unveils First Integrated CCAP.)

The former Motorola, now part of Arris, had its own CCAP product before it was acquired earlier this year. But Arris President of Network and Cloud Services Bruce McClelland made it clear last month that the E6000 would be the company's choice for CCAP deployments. McClelland said the company would try to integrate some of the technology from Motorola's Video Services Platform (VSP), but did not suggest there was any future for the product itself. (See Arris Shows Off New Mojo.)

The E6000 is an upgrade of Arris's C4 CMTS product and builds on the existing C4 software. In a prepared statement, McClelland placed special emphasis on the advantages of the software for operators working on the migration to IPv6. "Cable operators who deploy IPv6 with the E6000 will benefit from years of operational IPv6 experience gained with the C4 CMTS and from an unprecedented level of service group and channel density, both upstream and downstream," he said.

— Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable
albreznick 7/18/2013 | 9:43:22 PM
re: Arris Caps Off CCAP Trials So Arris, Cisco and Casa have also been quite busy on the CCAP front lately, announcing cable MSO deployments and trials. But we've heard scant little from the other two major CCAP players--CommScope and Harmonic--for months. Why so quiet? Are they still serious about CCAP? Or are they just working things out quietly behind the scenes? Feel free to chip in your theories.
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