CacheLogic Switches CEOs

CacheLogic announced a new CEO today in an attempt to bolster the sales and marketing side of its recently hatched content delivery business. (See CacheLogic Adds New CEO.)

Cachelogic, which has seen a number of changes in its business model and senior management team during the last 18 months, brought in Phill Robinson, the former COO of sales and distribution at Salesforce.com Inc. , to oversee the next phase of the company's development.

The move comes as the company continues its transition from a seller of peer-to-peer (P2P) caching equipment to a provider of content delivery network (CDN) services. Since January of last year, CacheLogic has not only changed business models, but it has changed both chairmen and chief executives twice. (See CacheLogic Fires Up Its CDN, CacheLogic Intros P2P CDN, and CacheLogic Configures Service.)

Former CEO Pat Chapman-Pincher will be stepping down from her positions at the company. Chapman-Pincher, who had previously served as president of UUNet International, joined the company as a non-executive director in January 2006 and was appointed CEO to oversee the company's shift to the CDN business. (See CacheLogic Gets CEO and CacheLogic Adds to Board.)

Will Dawson, investment manager at venture capital firm and CacheLogic investor Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd. , said the move was a natural part of the company's lifecycle and that the resignation of Chapman-Pincher was "amicable."

"Pat helped us move from a box to a services business. But the time came for us to stop focusing on operations and build on someone with sales and marketing experience," Dawson says.

That's where Robinson comes in. He worked at Salesforce.com for four years, both as chief marketing officer and COO of sales and distribution. During his time on the management team, Salesforce.com went public and grew to a $600 million a year business with a market cap of $4.5 billion.

Robinson says he hopes to replicate that success at CacheLogic, which he says has the potential to make a "global impact" on the way rich media is delivered.

"There are three ingredients necessary for a successful startup," Robinson says. "They include: a market that's hot; a product that is well differentiated; and a strong management team." (And yes, he thinks CacheLogic has all three.)

He says CacheLogic's standout technology is the intelligence built into its network and the way it allows customers to not just deliver content, but to "manage and control which assets are delivered to who and how."

Robinson also believes that the hybrid P2P nature of the company's business will give it an advantage over competitors. Peer-to-peer, he believes, is the most cost-effective way of delivering content, and in that respect, he says, "the industry is following CacheLogic's lead."

Content delivery titan Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM), for instance, doesn't have a P2P-based service, although it may look to integrate P2P technology into its service after the acquisition of Red Swoosh Inc. (See Akamai Swoops on Red Swoosh.)

With the technology pieces already in place, Robinson says it is his job to "aggressively grow sales and marketing" at CacheLogic, which will be key to the company's future prospects.

One thing the startup won't be doing anytime soon is going public. Noting that investors certainly hope to see an IPO on the horizon, Amadeus's Dawson says the company still needs a lot of growth before considering such a move.

— Ryan Lawler, Reporter, Light Reading

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