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10:40 AM -- You may have noticed that there are some changes afoot here in the Light Reading realm.

My esteemed colleague Dan Jones just noted that Unstrung has been renamed Light Reading Mobile, though the coverage emphasis will remain largely unchanged. (See Unstrung Is Now Light Reading Mobile.)

Some of the rebranding has also been extended to my part of world, with Cable Digital News being rechristened as Light Reading Cable, a move that puts all of our editorial properties under the LR umbrella.

As the case is with Light Reading Mobile, here on the Light Reading Cable front, the name may have changed, but much of what you're used to reading here won't.

Yes, you'll now see the new name and branding when you visit the site or when you check out our weekly electronic newsletter, but we'll still be dedicated to covering core tech news from cable's MSOs and suppliers, while also keeping a close eye on broadband content, interactive television, and the policymakers.

And, if you've been reading along with us over the last 10 years or so, you may also realize that this change marks the third, with each new moniker reflecting an evolution of the pub's area of coverage and of the cable industry itself.

Well before LR bought this property and officially relaunched it in November 2006, the site, under the guidance of founder Michael Harris, was known as Cable Datacom News, offering targeted coverage on cable's launch of the Docsis platform, and later spreading out to the industry's work with VoIP. If your memory needs refreshing, here's an example of what that site looked like in days of yore.

Michael later changed it to Cable Digital News as the site shifted some of its editorial focus to include coverage of categories like switched digital video, video-on-demand, and other advanced video efforts that were getting underway and sure to become an important part of cable's technical landscape.

But cable continues to change and evolve, expanding into IPTV and Web-sourced video, and even encroaching more and more into Dan's mobile camp, so it makes perfect sense now to remove those previous "data" and "digital" barriers from our title.

But no matter where the industry zigs or zags to next, just know that the heart of our coverage (as is reflected in the new name) will still go to the cable beat.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Light Reading Cable

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