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Cable-Tec: Fun With Photos

Last week's Cable-Tec show in Denver had at least as much meat as it did cheese.

Sure, the general session opened with a folk group covering "Rocky Mountain High" and the "show also featured a Buffalo Bill impersonator and saloon hall-like dancing girls," as reported by our sister site, Cable Digital News.

But the show was also a chance to hear the industry's brightest minds chewing over the latest technological advances, such as switched digital video, OCAP set-tops, and DOCSIS 3.0. (See Cable's Sweet on Switched Digital, Cable Bandwidth Dilemma Looms at SCTE, OCAP Set-Tops on the Way, and MSOs & Gear Makers Duel Over DOCSIS.)

Not everyone wanted to talk specifically about what services the MSOs are planning to roll out in the next few months. Whatever they are, you can bet they'll all be aiming at "a more personalized, on-demand, video experience," according to Harmonic Inc. (Nasdaq: HLIT) CEO Patrick Harshman.

Of course that quest will lead to services such as network-based digital video recorders; bandwidth-on-demand services that allow consumers to open their cable modem connections wider for specified intervals; and the ability for content companies to refresh stuff recorded on a consumer's set-top DVR, so that the commercial content is never stale -- even if it's never viewed. (See Cable Turns to BB-on-Demand.)

We'll be covering those innovations as they make their way out of the labs (and courts) and to the market. For now, we have some photo souvenirs to share from the show last week. Enjoy:

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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Michael Harris 12/5/2012 | 3:50:37 AM
re: Cable-Tec: Fun With Photos You have to hand it to Phil Harvey. Not only can he slice and dice incoming press releases like nobody's business, he's also quite the photographic savant. Good to hear he is not related to the The Heat Miser.
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