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Lawsuits Could Nuke Network DVR

Despite the way it may look, the growing legal battle between Cablevision Systems and nine Hollywood studios and TV networks over a proposed new digital video recorder service really isn't about the DVR.

Rather, the recent spate of federal lawsuits and countersuits over Cablevision's proposed network-based DVR (nDVR) service center on the much larger issue of who has the rights to distribute video content when it travels outside the home.

Background: Cablevision, the nation's sixth largest MSO with about 3 million cable subscribers in the New York metro area, says its nDVR will let digital cable customers record and store programming on the company's remote network video servers instead of on their own set-top boxes. That concept, cheered by the other MSOs, would help the cable guys boost revenues, cut down on hardware costs (and DVR support issues), and, they believe, make consumers more loyal.

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— Alan Breznick, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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