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Arris Forms New Top Team

Arris Group Inc. chairman and CEO Bob Stanzione has moved quickly to announce his new management team now that the acquisition of the Motorola Home business from Google is complete. (See Arris Secures Motorola Home.) In a message to Arris employees, he unveiled a new management structure and identified the key individuals that will lead the new, bigger company. The company's portfolio has been split into two divisions -- "Home Devices" and "Network & Cloud" -- while sales has been arranged into "two separately run but strategically aligned units," namely "North America" and "International." The top team, though, doesn't include cable industry veteran Marwan Fawaz, who had been leading the Motorola Home unit since June 2012. (See Motorola's Home Unit Hires New Leader.) According to Arris, Fawaz "decided to leave the company." Stanzione praised Fawaz "for doing a fantastic job under extraordinary circumstances" during the past year. An Arris spokesman says Fawaz will stay on for the next few weeks to "ensure a smooth transition," and will work with Stanzione as a consultant during the coming months. So who is at the Arris top table? Here's a rundown of the names and responsibilities:
  • Larry Robinson -- Home Devices division
  • Bruce McClelland -- Network & Cloud division
  • Rob McLaughlin -- North America Sales team and Global Marketing
  • Ron Coppock -- International Sales team and Global Sales Operations
  • Jim Brennan -- Supply Chain Management and Quality teams
  • David Potts -- CFO, leading Finance and IT
  • Larry Margolis -- Human Resources and as Chief Legal Counsel
  • John Burke -- Corporate Strategy & Development and Converged Experiences
-- Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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