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Mediacom Aims to Test Connected Tractors

Cable business service provider is taking its services to the 'agribusiness' sector in partnership with farm equipment specialist John Deere and is getting involved in Gigabit Cities developments.

Susan Fourtané 12/15/2014 | 3:57:52 PM
Re: Connecting M2M SachinEE, 

Yes, this project seems to be great, indeed. With connected cars already in the streets and programs working on connected buses it's only a matter of time until all the other vehicles are also connected, like these tractors for agricultural practices.

SachinEE 12/13/2014 | 9:08:26 AM
Re: Connecting M2M @susan: It really is. Connected tractors can be game changing in agricultural practices. The M2M connected future is still in development but to finally have this kind of a project coming off from Mediacom, that's splendid.
Susan Fourtané 12/12/2014 | 2:35:39 AM
Connecting M2M Thanks, Carol. It's great to see that Mediacom is working on providing connectivity to help city development in the race of the M2M connected future.

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