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A Mashup Emmy?

9:00 AM -- ATLANTA -- I had only one good question during my panel yesterday morning at TelcoTV:

"So what happens to the Daytime Emmy Awards when the shows aren't being watched in the daytime?"

To her credit, panelist Christie Morrongiello, a director at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, rolled with the punches.

She said it's definitely a discussion that's already been kicked off amongst Academy members. It's no easy thing to change an institution that honors video content and "creativity," at a time when technology is allowing consumers to enjoy video entertainment whenever and wherever.

She added, after a follow-up question, that the Academy even has to hold open the possibility that, in the future, the Emmys might also honor New Media producers -- folks who create video entertainment using methods and tools that aren't the same as what goes to create standard TV. So, yes, there could be an Emmy for something like video mashups.

It won't be easy to figure out how you give such an award, but the Academy's already made strides in broadband entertainment, so there may yet be more changes ahead.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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