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March 26, 2001

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OFC Report

We came, we saw, we... wrote a lot of stories about it.

The Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Conference, held last week in Anaheim, California, broke all records. More than 970 exhibitors turned up, and nearly 40,000 visitors attended -- more than double last year's number.

Light Reading sent no fewer than eight editors -- Phil Harvey, Peter Heywood, Mary Jander, Paul Kapustka, Scott Raynovich, Maggie Reardon, Pauline Rigby, and Stephen Saunders -- supported by our copy chief in New York, Kevin Cramer.

This report pulls together all the work we put out, to make it easier to find individual articles and to provide an overall sense of what went on.

The first item lists the hottest products announced or demonstrated at the exhibition. The second summarizes the biggest research and development breakthroughs reported in the Post Deadline papers on the final day of the conference.

The next couple of items aim to give a sense of what it was like to be at the show -- from the booths we considered rather strange to the smoke that wafted across the halls and the crowds that overstretched Anaheim's infrastructure.

Finally, there's a listing of stories we filed each day, including ones we ran just before the show started, together with summaries of other developments on Days 1 and 2.

OFC's Hot Products
The product demos and announcements that got the biggest buzz.

OFC Report: Pick of the Papers
The crème de la crème of research and development projects, according to the conference program's panel of experts.

The Booth Beauty Contest
Trade show booths should say a lot about a company. Sometimes they say too much.

Crowds and Smoke Mark OFC
OFC, which had 40,000 attendees, is booming. That's not to say everything went smoothly.

Before the Show

Optical Fibers Go Active
KVH is making active components out of optical fiber, starting with a 40-Gbit/s modulator.

Luxcore to Demo Optical Switch Advance
Will show all-optical switch with optical wavelength conversion at OFC.

Velio Breaks Grooming Barrier
Startup's chip could lead to much larger-scale grooming switches.

OptiMight Details Long-Haul Box
OptiMight sees a Raman-free world through its new OMC1600 long-haul optical product.

JDSU Readies OFC Blitz
A portfolio of 70 new products will push toward broader DWDM channel counts and 40-Gbit/s speeds.

Day 1: March 19

OFC Report: Day One
High-capacity 40-Gbit/s and DWDM component developments dominate the opening of the Optical Fiber Conference.

Nortel Pumps a Bigger, Faster Core
Nortel announces the key pieces to its strategy for beefing up the network's core equipment to speeds of 40 Gbit/s.

Novalux Details Laser Advance
Launches first product and describes technology -- some of it -- for making high-power, surface-emitting lasers.

Agilent Automates Component Testing
Agilent's put insider know-how of its test modules into new test software.

Ocular Announces First Product
Ocular says it has the solution to the service provisioning bottleneck.

Quantum Bridge Snaps In DWDM
The company launches another low-cost optical access product, a DWDM unit.

Lucent Spins Out Laser Startup
Lucent's created AraLight, a startup claiming to generate 500-Gbit/s laser modules.

Day 2: March 20

OFC Report: Day Two
The roar of the transponders, the fear of the crowd.

Cisco Marches Deeper Into the Metro
Cisco aims to parlay its success in next-generation Sonet technology into victories in the DWDM market.

Components Companies Chill Out
Corning forecast sends another chill though the components business. Better times are at least six months away.

Intel VC Resurfaces at Ignis Optics
Michael Lebby, ex-leader of Intel Capital's optical investments, heads components design firm.

Day 3: March 21

Raman Risks Emerge
Distributed Raman pumping might actually damage fiber and create safety hazards.

Teem's Tiny Metro Amp Makes Waves
Teem's amplifier is used in experiments by AT&T and Lucent and demonstrated here at OFC.

JDSU Switches Acquisition Strategy
Will focus on buying wee outfits working on next-gen technologies.

Alcatel Holds World Record for a Day
... then along comes NEC with an even bigger claim for high-capacity transmission.

MEMS Make It Big?
A growing number of vendors are developing large MEMS-based optical switches.

Point Reyes Rises Again
The cadaver rises: Are recycled startups the new trend?

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