Micromuse Gets Netcooler

Micromuse unveils Netcool/Precision for IP Networks v3.3, Precision for Transmission Networks v5.3, and Element Management System v5.3

June 4, 2003

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ATLANTA -- Micromuse Inc. (Nasdaq: MUSE), the leading provider of business and service assurance software, today announced two distinct product releases within its Netcool®/Precision™ product family; Netcool®/Precision for IP Networks™ v3.3 and Netcool®/Precision for Transmission Networks™ v5.3. With these releases, Micromuse offers auto-discovery and dynamic topology/connectivity modeling of both IP and transmission networks. The expanded Netcool/Precision product family now offers dynamic network asset and inventory management, topology visualization and mapping, and topology-based event correlation (RCA).

Netcool/Precision for IP Networks and Netcool/Precision for Transmission Networks use advanced auto-discovery techniques and agents to gather information about the components and overall design of the complex networked infrastructures, including assets and inventory, device capacity, utilization, port/circuit provisioning state, active services, and connectivity. This information is stored in an open, accessible relational database, allowing asset reporting and reconciliation with inventory, provisioning and billing processes. When integrated with Netcool®/Impact™, information in the asset data store can be enriched with company-specific data stored elsewhere (e.g. customer impact information), to create a more detailed, realtime view of a company’s network inventory. Additionally, information in the dynamic IP network topology model can be used with Netcool®/OMNIbus™ to perform topology-based event correlation (RCA).

The expanded Netcool/Precision family delivers a distinctive set of business benefits including:

  • CapEx/OpEx reduction and revenue recovery: Enables users to validate invoices, leases, and maintenance to avoid unnecessary charges; detect out-of-service assets with associated maintenance payments; and detect active services that are not being billed or are under billed.

  • Increased cost control and cost savings: Enables users to measure asset utilization, recapture stranded and lost assets, identify network deviations and circuit configurations, and monitor both authorized and unauthorized network changes.

  • Increased security and business protection: Enables users to detect unauthorized connectivity, changes, or security breaches.

  • Audit assurance: Helps users ensure accurate reporting on assets.

“Micromuse is stepping up to next-generation design requirements by making investments in critical enabling technologies — such as topological awareness and autodiscovery, and root cause analytics — through its enhancements to Netcool/Precision and other products in its Netcool suite," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. “Through today's announcements in asset and inventory management, Micromuse is addressing a significant set of interdependencies between infrastructure awareness and infrastructure control — that can help both IT and OSS take a firmer hand in managing their investments as performing contributors to the broader business. Broad demand for these solutions reflects the fact that strong common requirements are emerging across the service provider and enterprise markets, as service providers seek more support for application-related services and enterprise IT departments move to model themselves more effectively as internal “service-providers.”

“With realtime, accurate, and deep infrastructure visibility, companies are able to drive down costs by accelerating mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), as well as by locating stranded or de-provisioned assets,” said Brent Compton, Micromuse’s Vice President of Product Management. ”The Netcool/Precision product family offers highly accurate collection, correlation, analysis and visualization tools to help organizations more fully understand the layout of their network and the impact of events happening within it.”

Netcool/Precision for IP Networks™ v3.3 is the most recent integrated release of Micromuse and RiverSoft technology. Netcool/Precision for IP Networks dynamically discovers network devices and their associated layer 2 physical connectivity — as well as their logical relationships at layer 3 — and provides additional support for VLANs, ATM, Frame Relay, and MPLS. The resulting topology database can be used for asset and inventory reporting and, when combined with Netcool/OMNIbus, provides the underlying intelligence for topology-based event correlation (RCA). Netcool/Precision for IP Networks also maps the network topology in a visual diagram that shows the connections between devices, down to the port level. Version 3.3 focuses on deepening the integration with Netcool/OMNIbus, adding greater VLAN RCA modeling, and simplifying configuration and user GUIs. The intrinsic knowledge within the product enables administrators to resolve problems more quickly, before they cause serious network outages or impact availability of service and business processes. Customers using Netcool/Precision for IP Networks have reported clearer visibility of their infrastructure and reductions in network downtime of up to 65%.

Netcool/Precision for Transmission Networks v5.3 is the first integrated release of Micromuse and Lumos technology, performing deep, on-going discovery of layer 1 network devices. It uses this Layer 1 information to build a global view of the entire transmission network, element by element, including the physical inventory (racks, cards and ports) and logical resources (termination points and cross-connects) of each element to derive the topological connections between network elements and customer circuits or subnetwork connections. When used in conjunction with Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool/Precision for Transmission Networks allows users to quickly identify and visualize the physical location of Layer 1 network problems, by visually depicting the backplane of an affected device and highlighting the specific card and port that caused the alarm.

In a separate release:

Micromuse Inc. (Nasdaq: MUSE), the leading provider of business and service assurance software, today announced the availability of its Netcool®/Element Management System™ (Netcool/EMS) V5.3. Based on the TMS product suite from Lumos Technologies, which was recently acquired by Micromuse, Netcool/EMS provides a full range of management services and provisioning capabilities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers.

Netcool/EMS is a flexible, scalable, reliable and protocol-independent, element management framework that provides OEMs and Service Providers complete, out-of-the-box FCAPS functionality. Netcool/EMS enables OEMs to extend every aspect of the FCAPS framework to highlight the unique, value-add features that differentiate their network elements. The software also deploys seamlessly into the service providers' existing management infrastructure, allowing service providers to integrate new network elements easily into their networks and to manage these elements via their existing OSS applications.

"Netcool/EMS allows Tropic to provide a fully featured management system with our metro OADM platform," said Richard Vieregge, Director of Network Management, Tropic Networks. "The product provides all the standard NMS capabilities, as well as a framework for efficiently adding differentiated management to Tropic's Open Photonic Layer. The integration of Netcool/EMS with our product has reduced the development time and effort by up to 35%."

"Netcool/EMS helps manage today's complex telecom equipment out-of-the-box, allowing OEMs to focus on developing specialized features that help differentiate their offerings," said Gerry Egan, Director Product Management, Micromuse. "Netcool/EMS provides enhanced extensibility for OEMs so they can quickly customize their products to integrate easily within a service providers existing infrastructure while meeting any specific, additional technology requirements."

Netcool/EMS includes a configurable and extensible suite of management services as well as a comprehensive set of server features, including security, highly configurable data storage mechanisms, and support for failover configuration.

Netcool/EMS delivers a broad range of business benefits to OEMs and services providers, including:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality that reduces both time-to-market and the total cost of developing, maintaining, and enhancing network elements.

  • Seamless and cost-free integration for OEMs and service providers who already use other Netcool OSS solutions, such as Netcool/OMNIbus.

  • Ability to deploy the EMS code base as a craft terminal or an EMS/NMS to manage thousands of network elements.

  • Easy and seamless integration into any service providers existing infrastructure.

Micromuse Inc.

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