Caspian Enters Europe

Caspian Networks extends international presence with opening of sales and business development operations in Europe

June 16, 2003

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LONDON -- Caspian Networks today announced the opening of its European operation, based in the United Kingdom, and European availability of its unique new Apeiro(tm) flow-based router for service provider networks. The European product introduction extends Caspian's reach internationally and follows the recent opening of new operations in Asia Pacific[1].

The Apeiro flow-based architecture is different from traditional core routers, yet compatible with industry standards. The product introduces new ATM-equivalent Quality of Service (QoS) to IP networks that enables new capabilities and offers a new approach to scalability that ensures network growth costs remain predictable.

Apeiro's new IP QoS approach enables service providers to guarantee determinism across IP network cores. This allows service providers to, among other things, offer broadband users premium services while having better control over broadband networks, reduce costs associated with expensive intercontinental gateway links to other service providers and implement new premium services. Apeiro is the first core product to work in conjunction with edge devices and bring ATM-equivalent QoS to IP in tandem with, or without, MPLS.

For every microflow on every interface, Apeiro ensures fairness or call rejection under congestion and low jitter under heavy load. Unlike other QoS approaches, Apeiro's microflow-level determinism is configured and maintained with minimal operator involvement, and performance is consistently deterministic under load.

"Apeiro's ability to manage and forward traffic at the microflow level is impressive, and sets the stage for new capabilities for IP-based services. For instance, Apeiro makes it easy to achieve different processing for different types of data, based on an application's delay, loss and jitter tolerance, with a minimum of configuration complexity," said Internet pioneer Scott Bradner, now senior technical consultant at Harvard University. "Traditional routers only allow coarse levels of QoS. This impressive new design is a highly automated - and therefore extremely cost-effective - way to support services such as voice over IP and other time-sensitive services in conjunction with best-effort Internet traffic on a single core network."

The introduction of Apeiro to the European market comes at a time of increasing regional interest in next-generation IP network technologies. The newly established UK office now serves as a central hub for the company's European operations and offers dedicated sales and service support to European customers in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. Caspian Networks is reinforcing its commitment to these markets by actively seeking local value-added resellers over the coming months to strengthen the company's presence in Europe.

"We're seeing increased interest across Europe for the unique QoS capabilities of our flow-based router, particularly for use with video streaming, voice over IP and interactive web conferencing applications," said Bill Krause, Chairman and CEO of Caspian Networks. "Real-time, dynamic content represents an opportunity for service providers to offer new classes of premium Internet services. Caspian is committed to helping European network service providers capitalize on these new revenue opportunities while reducing costs at the same time. Establishing a permanent European presence is the first step, followed by signing up value added resellers in each local country to help us grow the business."

Caspian's new office is led by James Bristow. As vice president of European operations, Bristow is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Caspian Networks' business in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Bristow has extensive experience in international roles in the telecommunications sector, particularly in routing, switching and IP. Prior to Caspian, Bristow was vice president of the Internetworking Division of Alcatel EMEA.

Caspian Networks already has an established presence in the U.S. and Asia Pacific markets. The company's flagship product, the Apeiro flow-based router, was introduced in Japan and North America in Q2 2003.

Caspian Networks also announced that it is extending its "Caspian CORE" (Capex/Opex Reduction Enhancement) trade-up program into Europe, which makes it less expensive for network service providers to migrate to next generation core networks. Available today in Europe, the trade-up program allows network service providers to trade in existing routers or ATM switches to receive credit towards purchases of Caspian's Apeiro flow-based routers.

Competitive products accepted under Caspian CORE include core routers and ATM switches from leading manufacturers. Competitive products must be currently deployed in production service provider networks to qualify for credit. The amount of credit recognised varies, and is a function of factors such the purchase price of the original equipment, the length of time it has been in service and the volume of Caspian equipment committed to under the program.

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