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What's the story?: High drama at Rogers Communications

Light Reading Senior Editor Jeff Baumgartner joins the reboot of "What's the Story?" with an update on the unfolding drama at the Rogers Communications board amid the company's pursuit of a $20.8 billion merger with fellow Canadian cable and mobile operator Shaw Communications. The leadership and control structure of Rogers Communications has been fraught with uncertainty thanks to Succession-style power struggles and politics, family feuds and an unintended phone call that put Rogers CEO Joe Natale on notice that his job was in hot water.

"It seems like Rogers, the company, isn't going to try to appeal the court decision. For the moment, it seems like the calm after the storm, but ask me again a week from now where things are," said Baumgartner. Rogers Communications said this week that it won't appeal a court ruling that reinstates Edward Rogers as board chairman and validates his decision to reconstitute the board of the Canadian company without a traditional shareholder vote.

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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