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The Cable Center CEO on how the industry must innovate from within to drive change

When considering words such as innovation and entrepreneurship, it tends to elicit thoughts of scrappy, boot-strapped startups that are driving change and disrupting a market or an industry. It turns out that those same qualities are also needed at long-standing companies – like cable operators and broadband service providers – if they are to avoid stagnating ruts and effectively disrupt themselves enough to stay relevant and competitive in ever-evolving markets.

Those are the kinds of ideas that were explored in The Cable Center and Intrapreneurship Academy's First Annual Intrapreneurship & Innovation Report, which was based on discussions and insights from industry leaders along with some contributions from this author and Alan Breznick, a Heavy Reading analyst and Light Reading's cable/video practice leader.

Diane Christman, the new CEO of the Denver-based Center, joined the Light Reading podcast to discuss the genesis of the report and to spell out some of the key takeaways. Among those findings: 70% of company leaders believe that driving innovation from within is needed to support growth goals, yet only 23% believe they have developed a process of innovation within their organization.

"I think one of the most important findings is that there's a huge gap between the way organizations operate and the leadership skills needed to address change," Christman explained.

During the podcast, Christman also discusses some ways the cable industry is trying to drive change during an era of consolidation and also offers a definition and history of the term "intrapreneurship" itself.

To top it off, Christman offers a look ahead at the Cable Hall of Fame event in New York, which will formally induct six industry leaders into the hallowed Hall this fall.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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