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Omdia's Julie Kunstler on how fiber is challenging the cable industry

NASHVILLE – Fiber Connect 2022 – While cable operators dominate the broadband field in the US, the rush to build fiber-to-the-home networks is creating new competition and challenges for the cable industry as operators work to upgrade their networks.

Julie Kunstler, senior principal analyst for broadband access at Omdia, joined Light Reading to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing cable operators as they pursue hybrid and full-fiber network upgrades.

"One whole issue that they're facing, besides the cost of fiber all the way, is educating their workforce," said Kunstler. "Whether it's their network engineers, whether it's the technicians that come out to the house, they have to learn a brand new field ... it's not an easy path for them."

Here are a few topics discussed in this video:

  • Opportunities for service providers with the emergence of gigabit speeds (00:45)
  • Impact of government funding on gigabit offerings (04:35)
  • Challenges for cable operators as they pursue fiber-to-the-home (07:10)
  • New broadband deployment products and strategies (10:30)

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading; and Nicole Ferraro, Site Editor, Broadband World News

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