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MDSlink module for coax pipes 2.5-Gig

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – In response to the fiber buildout worldwide, and the continuous demand for reliable bandwidth, MDSLink, Inc., is now offering MaGiC, a very high-performance, networking module that uses the existing coax. MaGiC is a cost-effective, easy-to-install module that extends the fiber footprint found in MDUs, single-family homes, hotels/resorts and offices or any building with existing coax.

MaGiC-SFP 2.5 (Multi-Gigabit Coax Small Form-factor Pluggable) provides up to 2.5Gbps—symmetrical—actual data rates when plugged into an Ethernet network (SFP/SFP+ port). Applications:

  • Last 100-meter distribution using existing, in-building coax.
  • Wireless AP backhaul in-premise. Supplements in-home Wi-Fi® mesh networks using fail safe, wireline backhaul between devices. Using WAPs with SFP-ports, operators can backhaul the traffic with MaGiC at speeds up to 2.5G in either direction.
  • Hospitality/commercial wireless AP backhaul and powering. Using standalone power injectors, a single SFP/SFP+-based Ethernet switch combined with the MaGiC SFP can provide both data and power to remote APs in hallways, hotel rooms, public spaces and meeting rooms.
  • Point-to-point (P2P), building-to-building or in-building. Using two media converters with two MaGiC SFP's to deliver up to 2.5 Gbps over coax in a point-to-point setting.

MaGiC has a maximum packet error rate (PER) of 1e-6/1e-8 with a latency of six ms. Channel stacking allows the delivery of up to 4 Gbps on a single coax wire by using high and low frequency MaGiC SFP's.

MaGiC works in all telco/fiber, cable and satellite environments and is available now.


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