GCI starts doing the high splits while preparing for convergence

DENVER – CABLE NEXT GEN 2023 – GCI's Erik Kuhlmann said the company has begun upgrading its DOCSIS 3.1 cable network to a high-split architecture with equipment from vendors including ATX and CommScope.

Kuhlmann, the senior director of engineering and architecture for the Alaskan telecom operator, said the move is designed to help the company provide faster speeds to stay abreast of its rivals and slake customer demand. He said GCI already sells 2 Gbit/s service plans and a significant chunk of GCI's customers subscribe to those speedy offerings.

But that's just a part of what Kuhlmann is working on. GCI also offers wireless, fiber, satellite and Wi-Fi services, which is why Kuhlmann has an ideal view into how telecom networks might converge in the future.

Here are a few topics covered:

  • What does GCI do? (0:30)
  • GCI begins implementing a high split. (1:50)
  • What will a high split enable? (3:10)
  • How does GCI view convergence? (5:00)

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