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Comcast's MachineQ launches Real-Time Location Tracking System (RTLS) product

PHILADELPHIA – MachineQ, a Comcast Company, today announced MachineQ for Asset Management, an end-to-end IoT solution that provides enterprises with a comprehensive, real-time view into the location of indoor inventory, equipment and moveable assets. Using LoRaWAN and BLE wireless technologies, the solution is disrupting the real-time location system (RTLS) landscape. It offers a differentiated, scalable indoor asset tracking capability to incumbent RFID-based (radio frequency identification) options currently in the market.

According to a recent report, the IoT-supported asset tracking market will account for over 90% of all connected enterprise and industrial solutions by 2030. This end-to-end indoor asset tracking solution is another offering that MachineQ has developed to meet the market's evolving needs. It offers enterprises an optimal mix of real-time location and sub-room level accuracy—within 3 meters—a long tag battery life, and overall cost-effectiveness. Plus, the solution is separate from the corporate Wi-Fi network, which can help relieve potential security concerns and gets enterprises deployed quickly.

Several dynamic industries rely on real-time, streamlined transparency into high-value indoor and portable assets, including healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing and more. One global pharmaceutical biotech company, for example, needed the ability to track the real-time location of lab assets across 1,000+ labs on an 850,000 square-foot campus so they could more efficiently locate assets for maintenance, calibration and use.

MachineQ for Asset Management empowers enterprises to expand on the diversity of a LoRaWAN network and ecosystem to support future use cases central to operations, such as water leak detection, temperature monitoring and performance monitoring, further delivering ROI.

Read the full announcement here.


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