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Calix rolls out energy and space saving enhancements

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) announces industry-leading innovations to the software-defined access E9-2 Intelligent Access EDGE™ solution that provide significant operational efficiencies, greater deployment flexibility, and sustainability benefits. With the new E9-2 XG3201 line card, broadband service providers (BSPs) achieve up to 50 percent reduction in energy consumption and space usage on XGS-PON deployments compared to alternative solutions, alongside similar data center cooling and maintenance cost reductions. These latest advancements further enhance the green broadband capabilities of the award-winning Intelligent Access EDGE, allowing BSPs to deploy leaner and greener broadband networks. Additionally, using fewer systems enables BSPs to simplify the deployment of high-speed broadband services over XGS-PON to more subscribers directly from the data center. The groundbreaking solution also allows BSPs to upgrade subscriber services in line with demand while supporting multiple PON technologies on the same fiber. This ensures that BSPs can expand their networks and service offerings while keeping the total cost of ownership (TCO) low.

The unique Calix E9-2 consolidates and moves subscriber management, advanced routing, service aggregation, and service delivery closer to subscribers in a resilient, high-density, stackable form factor. The power of the Calix platform enables network engineers to quickly implement new innovations while still supporting existing operational workflows and use cases, leading to accelerated time to market and higher return on investment (ROI). Now BSPs worldwide deploying the E9-2 solution can leverage the Calix platform to:

Build leaner and greener networks. The E9-2 for the Intelligent Access EDGE helps BSPs reduce their environmental impact because they can deploy an operationally efficient broadband access solution that takes up less space and requires less power and cooling resources.

Effortlessly scale with ultimate deployment flexibility. Calix-partnered BSPs can scale their network in line with subscriber demand for high-speed broadband services and seamlessly transition from GPON to XGS-PON technology without disrupting their fiber plant. This enables them to expand their services portfolio and grow their business while saving OPEX and reducing their environmental impact.

Reach more subscribers with a high-density data center solution. The extended reach of the XG3201—to 60 kilometers—expands the service coverage area by up to 125 percent. This increases the number of homes passed and subscribers reached from the same network footprint while reducing the number of systems required in the data center.

Intelligent Access EDGE on the Calix platform simplifies the access edge of the network by consolidating all service-enabling network functions. Unlike traditional networks that rely on purpose-built hardware and separate management systems, Intelligent Access EDGE integrates network functions into software modules. This gives broadband providers across the globe the flexibility to deploy components where they are required. From a single point in the network, BSPs can manage all subscriber services and the network via a common operating model. This dramatically reduces TCO, with zero subscriber downtime required for maintenance upgrades. As BSPs upgrade to XGS-PON, they can employ Calix Professional Services to go to market faster—helping them transform their networks with reduced risk and speed up deployments by up to 70 percent.

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