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Cable Next-Gen 2023 recap: Operators choose their own adventure

DENVER – CABLE NEXT-GEN 2023 – As cable operators begin to zero in on the evolution of the access network, it's become clear that the future is not one size fits all. Some operators are enhancing their DOCSIS 3.1 networks, planting the seeds for DOCSIS 4.0, using fixed wireless access (FWA) to extend the reach of wireline networks or even overlaying their existing hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) plant with fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) technologies.

Against that backdrop, optionality was a top theme here at the Light Reading-hosted event, the first to be held live and in-person since 2019.

Event co-host Jaimie Lenderman, principal analyst and research manager at Omdia, likens this to a "Choose Your Own Adventure" era for the industry, an homage to a series of books featuring multiple storylines and endings.

But optionality was just one theme. In this podcast recap, Lenderman joins Light Reading's Mike Dano and Jeff Baumgartner to discuss other top takeaways from the event.

For a lightly edited transcript, please click the closed caption button in the video toolbar. If you'd like to skip around and listen, here are some topics covered:

  • How and why optionality was a key theme at the event (00:30)
  • How the "cable" label is starting to fade further into the background (1:20)
  • How passive optical networking (PON) and FTTP technology are options for both brownfield and greenfield networks (3:30)
  • How this wave of optionality links into the worlds of wireless and mobile (6:00)
  • What our straw polls say about what follows DOCSIS 4.0. Mike Dano's suggestion: DOCSIS 5G (8:40)
  • How cable operators are approaching network and service convergence (10:57)
  • If reliability starts to take on more importance than speeds and feeds, how does a service provider sell it? (12:30)

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— Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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