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ATX scores first customer shipments for 204MHz digital return tech

SAN DIEGO – ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, recently shipped production units of the ATX 204MHz Digital Return Solution to a large North American cable operator. The solution includes the GigaXtend 204MHz Digital Return Transmitter Module, a plug-in for the Cisco GS7000 Node, and the companion GigaXtend 204MHz Digital Return Receiver Module, which resides in a headend-located Cisco Prisma XD chassis.

The digital return system, now generally available, enables the installed base of GS7000 nodes to support upstream frequencies of 204MHz, a high-split allocation of spectrum that empowers any MSO to expand the upstream data-carrying capabilities of their networks and offer subscribers gigabit symmetrical broadband services.

ATX introduced the 204MHz Digital Return Solution in September of last year, shortly after reaching an agreement with Cisco for ATX to develop transmitter and receiver modules for the GS7000 that support high-split architectures. At the end of 2022, ATX completed a separate technology licensing agreement to take over future development of the GS7000, as well as the companion Prisma II.

That licensing agreement effectively ensures that previous investments in the widely deployed, highly dependable node platform will not be stranded and that existing GS7000s will support both legacy HFC and Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) architectures well into the future.

ATX's ability to efficiently integrate newly acquired technology into its HFC product portfolio is bolstered by the company's rapidly expanding HFC product development team, which is concentrated in Atlanta and staffed primarily by former Cisco engineers and product experts. The 204MHz Digital Return System progressed through the design-to-general availability process in an accelerated timeframe.

ATX is scheduled to begin introducing ATX-designed GS7000 products, as well as its portfolio of 1.8GHz outside plant amplifiers, under the company's GigaXtend brand beginning later this year.

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