Cable Subs See Promise in Cable VoIP

In a good sign for the industry, cable subscribers are much more interested in getting phone service from their cable provider than any other voice over IP (VoIP) provider, according to a new CTAM study. In a recent telephone survey of slightly more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, CTAM found that 27% of cable subscribers are interested in switching their phone service to cable-delivered VoIP, while just 15% are interested in switching to another VoIP provider. Digital cable and premium cable subscribers are particularly intrigued about cable VoIP, with 29% of the former and 32% of the latter expressing such interest. Nearly two-thirds of all consumers (65%) said they're aware that cable companies offer phone service. But, while awareness is high, product familiarity is much lower. Only half of that total (32%) reported familiarity with phone service from cable companies. And just 23% reported familiarity with non-cable VoIP. Basic cable and satellite TV subscribers showed even less familiarity with VoIP than the overall sample.
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