Cable One Picks Arcwave for Wireless Plant Extension

Score one for Arcwave Inc. Arcwave, which makes a wireless plant extension product for cable operators targeting small and midsized firms, announced a deal earlier today with Cable One Inc., the nation's 10th biggest MSO. Under the agreement, Cable One will deploy Arcwave's ARCXtend product in 50 cable systems scattered across 17 states over the rest of the year. Arcwave's solution includes a network hub that attaches to either a pole mount or strand mount and a receiver antenna mounted on the roof of the commercial building. The high-speed data signal then passes down standard coaxial cable to the customer's cable modem. Arcwave estimates that cable operators can use the wireless links to extend their plant range by up to three miles. Although Arcwave claims to have struck deals with seven of the top 10 MSOs and 15 of the top 20, the Cable One venture is the first to be announced. Arcwave officials aim to place more than 1,000 network hubs in cable systems throughout the U.S. by the end of the year.
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