Cable Exec Expects Lower DSL Prices

Think DSL prices have sunk as low as they can? Well, think again. David Pugliese, vice president of product marketing and management for Cox Communications, sees DSL prices dropping even lower than AT&T's current bargain-basement rate of $12.95 a month as cable operators make greater inroads in the phone business. Speaking at the NCTA National Show in Atlanta last week, he predicted that the phone companies may well lower their broadband prices further in a desperate attempt to keep their core voice customers from abandoning ship. "I think the worst is definitely yet to come," Pugliese warned. "I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see more aggressive DSL pricing." Pugliese also predicted that the Bells may introduce more "naked DSL" offerings to compete with cable. In addition, he expects "much more aggressive promotional offers" in general from the telcos as the top four MSOs ramp up their VoIP deployments over the rest of the year.
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