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Do You Have a 2020 Vision?

In a couple of weeks, Light Reading will be holding the first in a brand new series of executive summits, 2020 Vision, where telecom industry thought leaders will huddle to ponder the key business and technology issues facing them during the next five years.

And I do expect to see some huddling -- after all, the event is being staged in Reykjavik, Iceland, where night time is almost always the right time, at least this time of year.

As we huddle and ponder, we'll be focusing on the areas that are going to have the biggest impact on the telecom industry, with an eye toward creating a credible roadmap and timetable covering when and how emerging initiatives will affect the business. Virtualization, next-gen cloud, analytics, security, IoT, 5G, even drones -- we're going to turn over all these stones to see what is and isn't underneath.

To help us figure all this out, we need your help. That's right, YOU! Maybe you can't swing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to snowmobile your way through Iceland after having a deep discussion about NFV, but you can participate vicariously from the safety and comfort of your own personal space. The price is just five minutes of your time.

That's how long it will take to tell us what you think about the telecom industry's prospects in the run-up to 2020. You can do that by going to our survey here:

Heavy Reading 2020 Vision Survey

Let us know what you see in store for the telecom business. In return, we'll send everyone who completes our survey an executive summary of the survey results -- a kind of reality check for the reality check that you're providing for us. You'll miss out on the reindeer ragu and free rounds of brennivin that we'll be serving up near the Arctic Circle, but you'll get a better taste of what's likely in store for us over the next five years.

Thanks in advance for your help, and stay warm.

— Dennis Mendyk, Vice President of Research, Heavy Reading

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jabailo 12/16/2014 | 5:57:49 PM
Re: Smart Voices I very much agree!

Our reality -- or environment -- is going to get a lot more Lively.

Sort of like living in Times Square NYC...where everything lights up and broadcasts a message.


pzernik 12/16/2014 | 5:36:15 PM
Re: Smart Voices in 2020, augmented reality will be reality.
MikeP688 11/27/2014 | 1:14:03 PM
Re: Smart Voices HI there and Happy Thanksgiving,

I'll add Blockbuster to it too :-)  But, we have to embrace change and the forum which I am eager to see is going to be quite insightful in seeing what the future has to hold.    Although change is fun--it is also ever so scary.
mendyk 11/24/2014 | 1:24:42 PM
Re: Smart Voices The concept of "good knockwurst" could render the device inoperable.
jabailo 11/24/2014 | 12:30:26 PM
Re: Smart Voices Well, sure...except wouldn't it be better to have a technology that perhaps increases interaction with the real or 3D world rather than have you sitting at a terminal or TV all day?

And who is to say this app cannot lead you to new friends.  

Another form of friend is the sort you meet sitting at the bar.  You strike up a conversation, and then depart.

I imagine a day when I get in my self-drive Google car, and say: for lunch, I want to discuss Obama's immigration plan and the latest Taylor Swift album and soccer.   Take me to a place with good knockwurst and people who like arguing politics who want to have a pickup game afterward.
mendyk 11/23/2014 | 12:56:22 PM
Re: Smart Voices Maybe what we really need are actual friends, rather than palm-sized companions. And it wouldn't hurt for us to get lost and wander once in a while. But now I'm nostaglic for a visit to Tower Records. FYI, there still are a couple of those in the world, including one in Dublin.
jabailo 11/21/2014 | 7:34:36 PM
Re: Smart Voices Yes, exactly!

Here's the way I think about it.

Back in college days, one of my best friends and I used to walk around Manhattan.  He knew it all like the back of his hand.   So he would suggest, the Best Pizza, or a museum we could see, or a place to hang out and watch the rollergirls (5th avenue, museum steps!)

So, I think, a computer assistant should be as easy to use.  I mean, I didn't stop every five minutes, and write on a piece of paper where is the Guggenheim and hand it to him.   And if I asked him how far is Tower Records, he wouldn't pull out a map, unfold it, and draw a path!

No, I would ask.  And he would answer.  With voice.  Go three blocks and turn left.  That's all we need!  Telco Ear.


DHagar 11/21/2014 | 3:44:33 PM
Re: Smart Voices jabailo, good examples.  I think the ability to connect new pieces of information and then make them usable (ie intelligent - ie Watson) is where this will lead.
Mitch Wagner 11/21/2014 | 3:39:40 PM
Re: Smart Voices Voice seems more promising than flashier technologies like Google Glass. 
mendyk 11/21/2014 | 2:59:13 PM
Re: Some real brainteasers... I suppose you will claim that you're too young to recall a certain Mr. Ray Charles.
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