Business Transformation

2020 Vision: A First View

At the 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Iceland, unique Heavy Reading research shows that comms service providers are optimistic about the next five or so years.

R Clark 12/9/2014 | 8:32:26 PM
Totally unexpected Wildly optimistic operators, sceptical analysts and journalists.  Who saw that coming? I hope the survey is marked to be revisited in five years.

DHagar 12/9/2014 | 9:56:11 PM
Re: Totally unexpected RClark, good assessment.  I would tend to vote with the Light Reading editors that Ray reports on that have a more skeptical view of Service Providers being able or willing to change their business models.  I think that may be the bigger issue.
Steve Saunders 12/15/2014 | 5:12:10 PM
Re: Totally unexpected Except... if the service providers in the room were a core sample i owuld personally put money on them reinventing their ways. Because they were a super smart lot, and their insights were just that. But yeah, dose of skepticism can't hurt. 

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