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Tecnomen launches 'FIVE from Tecnomen,' a concept that includes the new Tecnomen eZoner Next-Generation Messaging (NGM) platform

October 2, 2003

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HELSINKI -- Tecnomen has announced the launch of FIVE from Tecnomen, a concept that includes the new Tecnomen eZONER Next Generation Messaging platform. The new platform provides a modern all-IP environment for advanced messaging service development. FIVE from Tecnomen supports operators in their continuing quest to attract new customers and retain current ones by helping them to serve the increasing number of ever-smaller customer segments profitably.

The business proposition underlying the eZONER Next Generation Messaging (NGM) architecture is based on changes in the operator environment. Operators are looking for cost effectiveness, solid business cases and rapid returns on investment. Due to the decline in average revenue per user (ARPU) from traditional voice services, operators are seeking new types of services to offer. Recent studies by Tecnomen have found that there are two new basic requirements for messaging platforms: support for service hosting and customer segmentation. Built-in hosting capabilities in the eZONER NGM platform enable optimal end user segmentation and service packaging according to the specific needs of each customer segment.

“FIVE from Tecnomen enables operators to take full advantage of the window of opportunity created, on one hand, by changes in the competitive environment of operators, and on the other, by changes in the telecom value chain in general," said Vesa Kemppainen, Business Development Manager, Tecnomen. “The launch of FIVE from Tecnomen is representative of our continual commitment and dedication to support our customers in setting up efficient, customer oriented, segmented, brand driven operations."

Tecnomen’s existing customers, using the current eZONER platform, can seamlessly migrate to the new platform as the Next Generation Messaging services are complementary to those offered by the current platform. Tecnomen eZONER NGM utilises the current eZONER hardware so the two platforms can co-exist, and the current eZONER platform can continue to provide existing voice mail services while new services are provided to selected customer segments using eZONER NGM. New customers can use eZONER NGM in parallel with their legacy Voice Mail systems, initially to serve their most profitable subscribers, and to gradually replace their legacy systems according to their own timeframe.

Platform capabilities offered by Tecnomen eZONER NGM include:

  • Single Storage, a centralised storage for all subscriber and application data

  • Customer Segmentation, enabled by an inbuilt Hierarchical Domain Model for supporting all kinds of service operators including Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Application Service Providers (ASPs)

  • Universal access guarantees that the services offered can be used with any handset connected to any network

  • Openness supports operators in building multi vendor platform landscapes and in rapid service creation using VoiceXML and WebServices.

  • Collaboration provides support for group based services like conferencing and Instant Messaging.

In the first release of the new FIVE concept, Tecnomen eZONER 5.0, the focus is on providing services for subscribers who do not use traditional Voice Mail. There is an increasing number of such subscribers who currently account for, depending on network operator and region, up to 50 per cent of all subscribers. Tecnomen eZONER 5.0 includes two services for subscribers who do not have a voice mailbox: Call Completion with Short Message and Voice Mail on Demand.

When a subscriber cannot be reached, Call Completion with Short Message activates a service that maintains a list of the numbers of all callers. Consequently subscribers receive a list of all missed calls as one Short Message when their handsets are reachable again.

Voice Mail on Demand is a temporary voice mailbox with a standard greeting created for a subscriber when they cannot be reached. Called subscribers receive a Short Message notification of new messages. After retrieval of the messages, the temporary voice mailbox is removed from the system.

These two services are fine tuned for increase of ARPU. Furthermore, in forthcoming releases of the eZONER 5 series, Tecnomen will open the software development kit of the platform thus enabling operators and, in fact, any third parties to develop services to be deployed in the eZONER NGM environment. The extensive set of platform capabilities combined with the support for fast service creation increases efficiency by cutting costs and shortening Time-To-Market of producing and publishing new services. Tecnomen is taking full advantage of the fast service creation capabilities of the eZONER NGM in order to produce an extensive portfolio of Next Generation Messaging services. The focus areas are: Voice Centric Services, Video Centric Services, Premium Content Services, Business Applications and Instant Messaging Based Services.

Tecnomen Corp.

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