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Seaway Networks unveils the SW5000 Network Content Processor, featuring TCP termination, stream switching, and Layer 5-7 processing

June 26, 2003

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OTTAWA -- Seaway Networks, a fabless semiconductor company providing industry-leading silicon-based Content Processing solutions, today announced availability of its SW5000 Network Content Processor (NCP). The SW5000 delivers an unprecedented 5 Gbps (full duplex) of full TCP byte stream reconstruction and/or termination combined with silicon-based Content Processing and embedded Stream Switching. The patented Streamwise(TM) stream switching architecture manages up to 2 million simultaneous TCP connections and enables OEM customers to build systems which support multiple simultaneous services at multi-gigabit rates. Such systems will allow networks and data centers to consolidate equipment, improve network security and provide additional layer 4 to 7 services.

"The demand for application-level security, combined with the trend towards equipment consolidation, is creating a significant design dilemma for networking equipment manufacturers," said Kit Fung, President of Seaway Networks. "Whereas Network Processor architectures are having difficulty meeting this challenge, the SW5000 is ideal because its features and performance enable multiple, simultaneous, layer 4-7 services."

The SW5000 enables OEMs to provide performance and feature differentiation to application firewalls, intrusion detection systems, SSL accelerators, firewall/VPN gateways, content filters or any other application which requires advanced layer 4-7 processing. The SW5000 can be incorporated into a wide range of products including networking appliances, networking equipment cards, server blades, and PCI cards.

SW5000 Highlights:

  • The SW5000 is specialized for layer 4 to 7 data path processing. It provides wire-speed silicon-based processing, including Layer 2 to 4 classification and full TCP termination at 5 Gbps (full duplex). The SW5000 also provides high-performance silicon-based Layer 5 to 7 processing features, including content searching, examination, modification, and replication. The SW5000 supports:

    • 66 Million ACL comparisons per second

    • 300,000 connection setups per second

    • 240,000 layer 7 switching decisions per second

    • 17 Gbps layer 5-7 pattern matching search

  • Because it was designed to support multiple simultaneous services, the SW5000 incorporates advanced stream management and switching features to maximize processing efficiency and minimize memory and bandwidth usage. Zero-copy data management and other techniques are inherent to the architecture and per-flow stream scheduling with dynamic pipelining brings an unprecedented level of control. The SW5000 supports:

    • 64,000 contexts for independent security or address domains

    • Stream management including QoS and policy for 2 million simultaneous connections

  • With a familiar programming environment, an SW5000-based system facilitates the design of complex layer 4-7 applications. Its application programming environment was designed to be simple, flexible, and portable for existing software. Application development is carried out using a C/C++ GNU tool chain with an advanced SW5000 API library based on a familiar sockets interface.

Development Support

  • Seaway is focused on providing system designers a set of development tools to simplify and accelerate product development. Along with the SW5000 Software Development Kit (SDK) and SW5000 system software, thecustomer has two development platform options:

    • The Virtual Development Platform provides a complete "board level" simulation package including cycle-accurate simulation of the SW5000

    • The Hardware Development Platform is a 6U cPCI chassis with a SW5000 Network Content Processor Board and 4 open cPCI slots to accommodate interface, system-control and co-processor cards.

Seaway Networks Inc.

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