Readers 'Gigle' at Top Startups List

Poll takers liked some of our Top 10 New Startups, but alas, they didn't care much for Gigle Semiconductor's name

August 7, 2006

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Readers 'Gigle' at Top Startups List

This just in from the Light Reading Poll Center: 53 percent of Light Readers believe the name "Gigle" is "plain awful." (See Startups: What Are the Odds?.)

The poll asked readers for their views on Light Reading's recently published list of Top Ten New Startups, on which Gigle Semiconductor ranked tenth. Twenty six percent think Gigle’s name is “lame” -- but take heart, Giglers: a full 21 percent think it’s “great.”

But what's in a name, anyway? Twenty-two percent of our readers say Gigle -- and yes, it's pronounced "giggle" -- has a good chance of making it to the next level. Only the open-source router startup Vyatta (No. 5) received more votes of confidence with 38 percent. Another 15 percent picked video company Brightcove (No. 2)for happy days ahead.

Asked who didn't belong on the list, 9 percent of poll takers took issue with Gigle (it was unclear if readers felt the name alone would run it off the cliff). Twelve percent picked video-over-IP hardware startup T-Vips (No. 4), possibly confusing it with "Q-Tips."

Almost a quarter of poll takers had no problem with any of our choices. Maybe that's because none of the companies has been around long enough to generate the kind of ire aimed at, say, Infinera Corp. (Nasdaq: INFN). (See Infinera Raises Another $110M.)

In fact, 85 percent of readers who took the poll said if it was their choice, they would invest in at least one of the startups on our list. Sixteen percent think investing in any of them would be throwing money down the proverbial rat hole.

When it comes to the startup climate, interestingly enough, 42 percent of our poll takers believe startups founded in 2004 or later have about the same chance of doing well as startups founded in 2000-2003 -- the years of telecom's "nuclear winter." Forty-eight percent say the post-2004 startups have a better chance of success, while 11 percent feel their chances are even worse.

Readers were split on the question of whether it’s easier to raise VC backing for a telecom startup today, compared with 2002. Thirty-seven percent said it’s easier, 30 percent say it’s harder, and 33 percent say it’s about the same.

If you're unhappy with the results, or just want to show Gigle some love, there's still time to voice your opinion here.— Mark Sullivan, Reporter, Light Reading

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