Intros Two Promina Products's Promina Broadband Shelf and Promina SCLX module both provide a migration from narrowband to broadband

June 4, 2003

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ATLANTA -- Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: NWK), doing business as, today announced a significant addition to its Promina multiservice access and switching platform: the Promina Broadband Shelf (Promina BBS). Due to its outstanding reliability, the Promina platform is widely used by carriers, governments and enterprises worldwide for their mission critical applications. The new shelf brings the benefits of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and Internet protocol (IP) to the Promina platform, allowing network operators to continue deriving value from their installed networks while enjoying the benefits of new services made possible by broadband technologies.

Promina BBS will be used by network operators and carriers to upgrade any of their Promina products to handle ATM and IP. Consisting of a broadband access shelf, SCLX and CellXpress ATM access modules, Promina BBS dramatically extends the capabilities of the Promina multiservice access platform to include broadband aggregation, IP services, ATM switching, and broadband service creation. It extends connectivity options to include OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, DS3, T1, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16.

The versatile Promina BBS brings multiple benefits to customers. The shelf allows Promina network operators to take advantage of new transport offerings from their local carriers, or upgrade their backbones to ATM, IP, or multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). Improved capacity allows network operators to address growing bandwidth demands from video and other bandwidth intense applications while maintaining network reliability and efficiency through IP and ATM traffic shaping coupled with quality of service (QoS) mechanisms. In line with's proven commitment to being a good citizen in the telecommunications ecosystem, Promina BBS come with standards based open application programming interfaces (APIs), ensuring simple integration with back office and legacy management systems while allowing operators to easily develop new applications and services for the platform.

"We continue to invest in and develop our Promina multiservice access and switching platform to ensure that our customers can enjoy the benefits of new broadband technologies without requiring a forklift upgrade," said Stephen Gleave, vice president of marketing for "Our current Promina customers have come to trust Promina for its bullet proof reliability, and the new Promina Broadband Shelf allows users to add next generation service delivery features to the already extensive list of voice, data, and video services they currently value and rely upon."

In a separate release:

Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: NWK), doing business as, today announced the new Promina SCLX module for its Promina multiservice access and switching platform, allowing network operators to turn their existing narrowband Promina networks into a broadband network to take advantage of the latest high-speed networking technologies. The Promina SCLX module fits into existing Promina 800 infrastructures and enables enterprises and carriers to efficiently connect private networks to the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) cloud, bringing the benefits of broadband while minimizing the cost of changing the complexion of a legacy network.

The Promina SCLX module solves emerging bandwidth limitations in existing legacy networks by increasing traffic capacity to 64 Mbps over 32 direct virtual trunk circuits. With the new SCLX module, Promina 800s can interoperate with ATM switches including's SCREAM platform, creating an intelligent, high-speed transport and aggregation point for the Promina network. This allows customers to take advantage of new transport offerings from local carriers, and allows them to consolidate operations by using ATM or Internet protocol (IP) as a unifying high-speed transport technology, or upgrade their ATM core to offer broadband services including content delivery with IP quality of service (QoS) guarantees, class of service subscriptions, and dynamic bandwidth management.

The SCLX module not only provides a migration path to the future for enterprises and carriers looking to derive further value from their existing network infrastructure, but also reduces operating expenses by aggregating existing Promina connections into a single access point to cut operation, bandwidth allocation, and provisioning costs. The SCLX module is part of's SCREAMlink migration program for Promina customers, demonstrating's commitment and continuing investment in the Promina product line. The SCREAMlink program will include a unified network management system that allows users to perform point-and-click, end-to-end circuit provisioning.

"The new Promina SCLX module embodies our mission to help our customers avoid problematic upgrades, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of broadband without the pain of a major network overhaul," said Stephen Gleave, vice president of marketing for "As customers who upgraded from IDNX to Promina will remember, we do our utmost to ease the transition in upgrades, and the SCLX will allow customers to add broadband services to the extensive list of applications they currently use while continuing to derive value from the significant investment they made in their installed networks."

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