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Gen C*** Is Coming

And gosh! They'll be so darn nice!

February 27, 2007

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Gen C*** Is Coming

5:00 PM -- Rackspace has seen the future, baby. It is nice:

  • Tomorrow's Generation C will be nicer then today's Generation X, according to a report by the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC), conducted on behalf of Rackspace Managed Hosting™, the UK's most recommended managed hosting provider. The study, which was commissioned by Rackspace as part of its ongoing commitment to understanding the way the web is shaping our lives, predicts that Generation C (C standing for content/ connectivity/ creativity/ collaboration/ communication) will be ‘nicer', more able to communicate with a wider cross section of people and find common ground across previously divisive differences as a result of proliferation of the Internet, versus the previous generations...

    "Although the tendency is to focus on the Internet's negative implications - unsociable generations only able to connect via the web, predators stalking social networking sites, piracy, spam, phishing and identity theft- we suggest that although these will remain as problems, they will not predominate and a more positive future lies ahead. "

    The study also predicts a future with a greater blurring of ‘real' and virtual worlds, where the Internet, computing and technology will blend into our daily lives to become taken-for-granted norms, an ‘always on' society defined by WiFi Web / Internet connectivity...

Mmmm... blurry...

If you're still awake and care to read the rest of this breathless encomium to the Wondrous World of Content/ Connectivity/ Creativity/ Collaboration/ Communication, you'll be surprised to learn that it is endorsed, not only by the UK's most recommended managed hosting provider, but also by a guy who manages an online dating site. Me? I'm Generation M: Morose/ Mordant/ Melancholy/ Misanthropic/ Mad as Hell...

— Monkey, Larry, Light Reading

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