Cube Optics AG releases first LAN WDM grid mux miniaturized mux for 100-Gig multi-lambda transceivers

July 10, 2008

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MAINZ, Germany -- Cube Optics has successfully manufacturedworld’s first LAN WDM grid passive optical multiplexers and demonstrated theirexcellent performance.

Scoping with constantly increasing bandwidth in LAN, SAN and Metroapplications network operators, data centers, enterprises and ISPs are demandingfor higher speed optical interfaces. To meet those needs the IEEE high speedstudy group is in the process to set new standards for 100Gbps fiber-opticaltransceivers. As for those high speed data rates a serial transport even overrelatively short distances (10 / 40km) is not possible with state of the artelectronics. The transceivers will need to optically multiplex several lower bitstreams. The new standard for pluggable transceivers is anticipated to multiplex 4times 25Gbps optically to form a 100Gbps transmission. To enable theintegration of 4 laser diodes, 4 PIN detectors with the according multiplexer anddemultiplexer into a space constraint pluggable transceiver, miniaturizedmultiplexers are the enabling factor. The wavelengths which will be used aresummarized as the LAN WDM grid, an 800GHz grid in the 1310nm band.

Cube Optics AG has now build the first multiplexers in the so-called “zig-zag”direct-bounce design which enables the needed miniaturized size and the 800GHzLAN WDM grid. It features 400GHz pass bands for the center wavelengths of1295.56 / 1300.05 /1304.58 and 1309.14nm. The insertion loss does not exceed1.5dB while adjacent channel isolation is clearly above 30dB.

The compact, direct-bounce multiplexers set-up is CUBO’s expertise and itsmultiplexers following this design are shipped in large volumes since years tomany customers. CUBO demonstrated now that this design is directlytransferable from the existing ITU standardized CWDM grid to the muchnarrower LAN WDM.

“The design, set-up and assembly of the first LAN WDM grid muxes was realizedin only eight weeks and we are very happy that already at the first try we couldproof an outstanding performance”, commented Dr. Thomas Paatzsch, CubeOptics’ COO.

Cube Optics AG

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