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Women in Comms Leading Lights: The Finalists

Here are the finalists in the Hedy Lamarr Award for Female Tech Pioneer of the Year category.

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DHagar 4/21/2016 | 2:38:01 PM
Re: Congratulations! Congratulations, Sarah!  You continue to provide outstanding leadership in this area - great work!  Looking forward to hearing who the winners are!
Sarah Thomas 4/20/2016 | 2:43:39 PM
Congratulations! A big congratulations to all our finalists! It was truly inspiring and exciting how hard it was to narrow down this list in our inaugural awards. 

I hope many of you can join us in Austin, Texas, on the evening of May 23 to find out who the big winners are!!

Details here: http://events.lightreading.com/events/leading-lights-2016-ceremony/event-summary-5056c38f9d6c41c891c530778b003cd2.aspx
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