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Windstream Puts the Person in Company Personality

When it comes to company culture, Windstream focuses on the network and the people behind it, with an emphasis on the latter, its SVP of Carrier Operations Beth Lackey says.

SeniorRe36819 1/5/2017 | 2:32:57 PM
Great advice! Thank you for sharing great advice Beth. As a fellow employee (much lower on the corporate totem pole than Beth), Windstream does a great job on empowering employees with a culture of accountability. I agree 100% that job seekers must ensure the company they select matches with their own personal values and beliefs. I encourage all job seekers to ask the hiring manager and/or recruiter during the interview process to explain the company culture and if it empowers them to work harder AND enjoy coming to work each day! Windstream's current job opportunites can be found at www.windstreamtalent.com
Kelsey Ziser 10/13/2016 | 3:35:15 PM
Grounding I appreciated Beth's advice on being sure to think hard about your values and how they mesh with your company's values, and that goal setting will drive accountability and ownership over your career and provide "grounding" when you have to make tough decisions. That's a great mindset to have to keep employees from spinning their wheels in their career.
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