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SlideshowWiCipedia: Trump's Family Leave Fail & Hostility at Apple

Magnets-are-cool 9/18/2016 | 8:11:32 PM
Re: Refer this author to MSNBC If you believe in your opinion, don't be anonymous.
ErynLeavens 9/16/2016 | 2:12:02 PM
Re: Pinksourcing And she took the demotion just to get away from the hostile environment! Ugh
Kelsey Ziser 9/16/2016 | 2:06:03 PM
Re: Pinksourcing Pinksourcing video was too funny - especially the one woman using a trashcan as a desk and a headlamp. 

I rarely ever see a line for the men's bathroom so yes, that image is a great respresentation of a larger problem (I did see a line once and heard the men grumbling "What, the women are going right in? Why are we waiting? What's going on here?"...was like entering a parallel universe for them)

One of the most surprising responses about how Apple "handled" complaints was the one woman who was offered a demotion and the option to move to another team. How is that a viable solution? IMHO it's not one, it's a poorly placed bandaid.
ErynLeavens 9/16/2016 | 2:00:06 PM
Lingo New favorite words: "manterrupted" and "bropropiated." Also "mansplained"! Wonder when these will be added to MW...
ErynLeavens 9/16/2016 | 1:57:20 PM
Re: Pinksourcing Kelsey,

That Kristen Bell video is the best thing I've seen all week. Will definitely feature it in next week's WiCi. Thank you! So many good tidbits in there.

That bathroom line picture is pretty surprising, right? I love that it's such a simple image that really highlights the disparity in the industry. One-dimensional image for a very complex problem.

At Apple, I think the most surprising thing is the lack of recognition from upper management, as you said. To not even respond to an email referencing concerns about a hostile workplace is kindof a hostile response in and of itself!
Kelsey Ziser 9/16/2016 | 11:54:42 AM
Pinksourcing Wow, you don't often see men waiting in line to use the bathroom ;)

Saw this satire featuring Kristen Bell on Pinksourcing this morning about hiring women as cheaper labor - was funny but also induced some face-palming.

As for Apple, I think it's a combination of not enough women plus a lack of support from upper management. The responses to reports about harassment and toxic work environments were met with a "deal with it or leave" mentality. 
telecomuser 9/16/2016 | 10:18:31 AM
Refer this author to MSNBC she should be at MSNBC spewing this liberal bias slant, not Lightreading.
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