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Sarah Thomas 5/20/2016 | 11:37:09 AM
Shark attack Oh Barbara. She is one of my favorite Sharks, but that is a pretty dumb thing to say. Encouraging women to stand out and leverage their differences is one thing (and I think Brooks McCorcle did that much more eloquently in our Dallas panel -- check out the link), but advising them to use their sexuality just sets everyone back. 

I have, however, appreciated other advice she's given on the show like not crying in a professional setting (over work-related reasons) because it can "give away your power." 
ErynLeavens 5/20/2016 | 10:50:58 PM
Re: Apple invests Surprised they weren't backing Uber's China invasion actually...
ErynLeavens 5/20/2016 | 10:52:47 PM
Re: Shark attack Sarah, I get what you're saying, but she's obviously getting ahead with her own advice. How do you think the same advice propels her ahead but sets others back? Or does what makes her successful have nothing to do with her short skirts/bright colors tactics?
Mitch Wagner 5/23/2016 | 8:22:55 AM
Re: Apple invests Why Uber rather than the Chinese company?
Sarah Thomas 5/23/2016 | 10:23:08 AM
Re: Shark attack While I think times have changed somewhat (not in enough ways though) since she climbed the corporate ladder, her success was a result of making smart business choices and savvy high-risk, high-reward investments that ended up paying off...not using her sexuality. She does herself and her extremely impressive career a disservice by implying otherwise.
ErynLeavens 5/23/2016 | 12:56:14 PM
Re: Apple invests I guess I just thought they would rather support the larger American company, but it makes sense given their manufacturing in China. Makes them look good if they're supporting local (though not exactly small!) businesses.
ErynLeavens 5/23/2016 | 12:57:49 PM
Re: Shark attack Yep, that makes sense. She's worked really hard to get where she is so she invalidates all of that work by making it about something besides hard work and business sense.
Sarah Thomas 5/23/2016 | 1:56:40 PM
Re: Shark attack That is just my take on her career -- but, who knows, maybe she attributes it all to her legs?! I hope not though. I think it sends the wrong message. 

I also think that both men and women need to dress professionally in professional settings, which you often don't always see in the tech (and especially journalism industry). You only get the respect you demand.
ErynLeavens 5/23/2016 | 2:02:26 PM
Re: Shark attack I have a feeling by "short" she actually means "knee length," based on pics I've found of her.

I completely understand what you -- and many of the women who opposed her tweet -- were saying. I may be the minority in that I think whatever someone does (within reason, as in not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal) to achieve success is just fine. I think men have done many questionable things to achieve success and if Corcoran wants to show a little (ahem, lower) leg to get more publicity or hold someone's attention, more power to her. As long as she's the one in control, I don't see a problem with it. But I do see both sides.
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