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Screw the stereotype. (Source: Mic)
Screw the stereotype.
(Source: Mic)

Mitch Wagner 5/5/2017 | 2:19:11 PM
Re: Smart appliances for women That's my point, Eryn. The idea that there should be one category of laptops for men and another for women is ridiculous – particularly if the women's laptop is dumbed-down. 

I do know some women who have feminine stickers and such on their laptops, and that's fine. But under those stickers, it's the same laptop as the men use. 




ErynLeavens 5/5/2017 | 1:56:06 PM
Re: Year of Femtech Me too, Kelsey! Thanks for the "Ladyboss" recommendation. This genre of gender/tech parody seems to be taking off and is so funny and much needed.
ErynLeavens 5/5/2017 | 1:53:22 PM
Re: Smart appliances for women I'm not sure I get the correlation. Laptops are gender-neutral in that both men and women use them the same way, regardless of how they look on the outside, whereas a product that is mostly used by women might benefit from being designed by a woman.
Mitch Wagner 5/5/2017 | 1:45:01 PM
Smart appliances for women The smart vibrator reports data on usage back to the company that makes it, because that's not a bit creepy. Also, it got hacked. 

A few years ago, some company introduced a ridiculous laptop for women. I think it was pink and sparkly and ran dumbed-down software for recipes and such. 

I asked a woman friend what she is looking for in a laptop. She said, "Plenty of RAM, a comfortable keyboard, and it should run Linux." She's a coder, heads up a couple of open source projects. 
Kelsey Ziser 5/5/2017 | 9:17:52 AM
Year of Femtech Love the femtech ideas -- I'm sure a lot of women would be interested in the fertility wearable. I wonder if it's more accurate that period-tracking apps?

The Lady Boss video is spot-on ("Not now, Derrick!"), capturing that inner struggle women face over holding their ground and feeling like there's this unattainable middle ground between "too nice" and the b-word. 
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