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WiCipedia: Election Aftermath, Telecom Advances & Wunderkinds

This week in our WiCipedia roundup: Women in tech deal with the aftermath of a Trump election; Samsung, Vodafone and Zayo advocate for women; a celebratory list of young innovators; and more.

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  • A new study from IIS reveals the Internet usage of Swedes, with some surprising results, Telecom Paper reports. While men and women in Sweden spend roughly the same amount of time online, they do so in different ways, with men using computers more at home and women using smartphones more while away from home. Women also use social media more, while men are more likely to be found on dating and gambling sites. Despite a nearly identical overall usage time, "Men are more likely than women to say they are technically savvy." Sound familiar? That's probably because men are generally more confident than women when it comes to workplace skills, even if their skill sets are the same. The Harvard Business Review says that men will apply for a position that they are only 60% qualified for, whereas women will only apply when they feel they are 100% qualified. (See Power to the Pipeline: How Sprint's Plugging the Leaks and WiCipedia: Big Leagues & Small Screens Take On Gender Parity.)

  • The tech world is still reeling from the election shocker of last week, and in particular, concerns about diversity abound. Buzzfeed explains that with Donald Trump in office, women in Silicon Valley are worried that the amount of women in tech will plummet as diversity will not be considered a priority. Another article on DCInno states that Trump has proclaimed that women should not be paid or treated equally, and that sends a terrifying message to tech companies. This is especially dire as Trump places known misogynists and racists such as Steve Bannon in his cabinet, Newsweek writes. Jess Bell, a co-organizer for DC Tech Meetup, told the publication, "I get that people are angry and feel left behind, but that is not the same as the real life and death implications that people will now face. We have said 'It's okay to sexually assault women; it's okay to elect a president who is endorsed by the KKK.'" Lesbians Who Tech's Leanne Pittsford followed up by saying, "If there's one thing I know about women, queer women, queer women of color, our allies, and technologists, it's that we love solving problems. And today is the day we've all been given one of our biggest problems yet." (See WiCipedia: Small Steps Forward, Big Step Back.)

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  • So what are women doing about this "big problem"? Some women have acted very quickly, not just to protest the upcoming changes, but to actually take action. Suit Up, a new organization named in homage of Hillary Clinton's famous wardrobe staple (or possibly How I Met Your Mother), was launched just last Thursday and already has 23,000 supporters across the US, The Boston Globe details. Suit Up's goal is to "help people identify 'products, policies, and programs' they need in their communities to help tackle issues such as paid family leave, equal pay and the promotion of more women to positions of power within companies, including seats on corporate boards." The organization is open to all women seeking workplace change, and is asking members to hold meetings in their communities prior to inauguration day. (See WiCipedia: Icelandic Inequality, Diminishing WiT & Presidential Impact.)

  • Over in the telecom world, strides are being made for women at several companies. Samsung Corp. Italy and Telefono Rosa have implemented a new joint initiative for women who have experienced domestic violence to reenter the workforce. Women Run the Show "consists of helping women, who were victim[s] of domestic violence, to start over thanks to psychological support and job trainings that allowed them to get their independence again and start a brand new life," Samsung reports. Vodafone Germany has also launched an accelerator program for women-run businesses, The Times of Malta says. "The F-Lane programme is an accelerator which focuses on technological start-ups created by or for women. It aims to increase the number of women working in the technology sector." The six-week long program provides a stipend of €12,000 ($12,802). And finally, over at Zayo Group Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO), M. Catherine (Cathy) Morris, an accomplished woman in tech, has been elected a board member, reports Telecom Reseller. She will work on the audit and compensation committees of the board, and we're crossing our fingers that she'll be focusing on equal pay and gender parity. (See Vodafone Americas Lays Foundation for Social Change and How Zayo Group Makes Diversity a Priority.)

  • We like to end WiCipedia on an uplifting note whenever possible, which is why we'd like to introduce you to the future of innovation. It's clear that getting kids interested in tech early is key, so Ford and The Huffington Post teamed up to celebrate 20 kids who have already made huge advances in science, tech, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). All under the age of 20, these "wunderkinds" range from Abigail Harrison, a 19-year-old aspiring astronaut who has already built The Mars Generation, an online community for future space kids, to Maya Varma, 18, who created a lung function analyzer that garnered praise from the White House. There's no doubt about it: The future is female, and the future is in tech. (See Meet the Woman Who Can Make You a Millionaire Inventor.)

    — Eryn Leavens, Special Features & Copy Editor, Light Reading

  • telecomuser 11/18/2016 | 9:55:07 AM
    Pathetic So Trump being president is going to make women run away from tech? If Hillary was president it would be nirvana for women right? Women sure are weaklings according to these websites.

    How can anyone with a brain believe the garbage she is referencing as being the least bit true. Lightreading needs to remove dummies like this because she is giving a terrible impression of Lightreading 's image and for women in general.

    I will stop reading this website if this lefty garbage is put out anymore.

    The only women I ever saw working for Hillary where her servants and personal assistants. If Trump had women working as his personal assistants like Hillary does you would be telling us what a sexist he is to have women working for him like that in those positions for so long w/o any promotions.

    Wasn't it found that Hillary and Obama paid women less than men too? That's the typical hyprocrisy that is conveniently not mentioned by dummies like this author.

    The only logical reason why anyone would be worried about Trump being president is that you couldn't pay him off to get what you want, so their is uncertainty. It is well known that Hillary was all about taking payoffs, just look at her Wallstreet ties and the fortune she had amassed doing nothing but giving speeches.

    Rest assure, I was elated to know this author and her like spent the night crying into their pillows last Tuesday.

    But then again, I'm just your typical "racist" cuz I didn't vote for a liberal. We all konw that you are automatically a racist/sexist/homophob if you don't fall in-line with the liberal ideology. Maybe that's why we have a new president and a republican dominated government, there are so many of us "racists" out there.

    iainmorris 11/18/2016 | 10:19:52 AM
    Re: Pathetic What an outrageous and grossly insulting comment to make about a roundup of news stories. I don't believe the author was expressing any opinions whatsoever in that brief -- just referencing what others had said regarding Trump's apparent attitude toward women (in case you weren't aware the WiC in WiCipedia stands for Women in Comms -- so any story in this section is related to the topic of, er, women in comms). If she had written an opinion piece siding with Clinton, you might have been within your rights to criticize her views in a civil manner, assuming you're capable of that.
    telecomuser 11/18/2016 | 10:34:58 AM
    Re: Pathetic referencing ONLY far left websites with extreme incendiary views is not being impartial. It is effectively her opinion when all she does is reference those opinons. 

    I for one have had enough of this unfounded labelling and name calling from the left, so accept it when it is thrown back at you for a change. I don't want to see that stuff on Lightreading, and I am sure there are others who are too afraid to say it.

    Fact is, Trump beat the democrats using their only dirty tactics against them. Making unfounded claims, stretching the true too far, labelling people, etc...

    They are just too dumbfounded to realize it.
    ErynLeavens 11/18/2016 | 12:20:12 PM
    Re: Pathetic I was actually pretty careful not to express opinions about the politics paragraphs here, and some of these sources are completely non-partisan -- Newsweek, for example. I certainly wasn't searching for liberal media only. If you have any conservative news sources that explain how a Trump presidency would be a boon for women in tech and telecom specifically, or even women at work more generally, I would be very interested and open to seeing them.
    iainmorris 11/18/2016 | 12:49:57 PM
    Re: Pathetic Of course, telecomuser, because the "right-wing" press devotes pages of coverage to issues relating to equal rights for women in the workplace, doesn't it?
    Kelsey Ziser 11/18/2016 | 4:50:14 PM
    Women Run the Show The Women Run the Show program sounds amazing! What a wonderful way to provide victims of domestic violence with both therapy and job training so they can start fresh with the tools they need to succeed. I always love hearing about organizations that equip people with the resources and/or skills to be self-sufficient. Really cool, thanks for sharing!
    telecomuser 11/19/2016 | 5:10:45 PM
    Re: Pathetic Geez you are as naive as they come, but that is the norm for lefty journalists like you.

    Conservatives don't make it a business to manipulate feeble little brains into thinking others are out to get them. There is a liberal cause for every single category of human physical, mental, cultural and sexual difference.  All of it to just be able to point their fingers at the right as the cause of one's problems in life, and then claim that the left is the solution. Funny thing is that those same liberals can't ever seem to solve any problems for all these people they claim they need to help. 

    How is it that the Clintons with all that wealth and influence can't solve a damn thing w/o being elected first? Now that Hillary lost, watch as she disappears and helps no one now, cause she never gave a hoot about all these people she says she "fights" for. They could have solved so many problems for these people if they just gave a chunk of the money they have raised to the people that really need it. Strange how that never ever happens, maybe because that would actually go towards a solution, which is not what they are really after. 

    You want to help promote more women in technical jobs? why don't you libs just raise the money to offer scholarships to women who choose majors in science & engineering? All those bleeding heart Hollywood actors, lib CEOs and muscians can join in on that. They have so much money they can easily send 1000s of women to college for free. Never going to happen though, the most they ever do is hold a concert or a VIP party asking regular people to give money instead while they pocket some of the proceeds and get the publicity for "caring".

    Naa, that would be actually addressing the issue head on. That wouldn't get any liberals elected if you did that. Better to start a new organization claiming it cares about women in Comms, hire a bunch of lefty's to work for it and pretend that we are doing something meaningful for women. 

    That's how the real world operates whether you want to admit it or not.
    ErynLeavens 11/21/2016 | 4:16:11 PM
    Re: Pathetic This is all actually already happening. You might want to catch up on your news.
    mendyk 11/21/2016 | 5:27:42 PM
    Re: Pathetic If it's not on Breitbart, it's not news.
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