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Mitch Wagner 8/18/2017 | 3:29:58 PM
Re: Foot in mouth I still recall a conversation three or four years ago with a woman friend who was the mother of a toddler. She says she was shocked, going into a clothing store, how gendered everything was. 

I should note here that my friend is a tough, lesbian, self-described tomboy -- but she is simultaneously a nice Italian girl from working-class Brooklyn and knows how the world works and expects that when she goes to a children's clothing store, she will find girls' clothes that look different from boys clothes. 

All she wanted was something for her little toddler daughter that had the logo of their favorite sports team on it. And she couldn't find it on the girls' side, she said -- everything there was pink and frilly and ultra-femme. 

It's a small point, but sometimes the small things become a big deal precisely because they're so small. 
Sarah Thomas 8/18/2017 | 11:58:21 AM
Re: Foot in mouth It is pretty bad -- and then to claim they already had a gender-neutral ethos! My 15-month old son has a real shoe fetish right now, but I won't be buying him these. 
PaulERainford 8/18/2017 | 9:54:53 AM
Foot in mouth Clarks is a byword in the UK for 'proper' children's shoes - parents across the land take their kids there to be fitted properly with footwear, particularly as the new school year approaches. But now it seems they want to put their fine reputation in jeopardy by employing marketing nitwits. Shame.
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