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WiC Radio: Tune In to Hear the Ovum Outlook

An oft-cited reason for the lack of women in tech careers is the small pool of those with STEM-related degrees to draw from. Women get discouraged away from STEM much earlier than the collegiate level, but the ramifications are often first seen in universities.

For example, according to the National Science Foundation, women earned more than 57% of bachelor's degrees in the last ten years, but those with STEM, or science, technology, engineering or math-related degrees, fell to below 20%. The tide may be changing as a younger generation rejects stereotypes and embraces STEM and an emphasis is put on recruiting and retaining women, but there's no doubt there's more work to be done. (See STEMing the Decline: Scientists Appeal to the Next Generation and WiC Poll: Start Young to Improve the Pipeline.)

Register for WiC's Radio Show, "The Ovum Outlook: Women in Tech," on Wednesday, August 2 at 11 a.m. EST right here. Be sure to introduce yourself on the message boards!

As the director of research and analysis for Ovum Ltd. and a principal analyst on Ovum's higher education team, Nicole Engelbert has a unique perspective into both the technologies driving the industry forward today and the collegiate landscape that is feeding into our industry. Engelbert, a former director of admissions at Plaza College in New York, has helped colleges and universities globally leverage technology to improve their recruitment, retention and graduation performance.

Engelbert will be sharing her point of view, garnered over 23 years in the telecom industry, with Women in Comms on a live radio show coming up on Wednesday, August 2, at 11:00 a.m. EST (8:00 a.m. PST). She will share with us her perspectives on women in tech, starting at the collegiate level, as well as share original Ovum research on the technologies women should be betting on to keep advancing in their careers today. It will be an enlightening, interactive live chat that you won't want to miss.

Register here to join us next Wednesday, August 2, at 11:00 a.m. EST. Have your questions for Engelbert ready to go, and we'll see you on the message boards!

— Sarah Thomas, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Director, Women in Comms

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