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WiC Pics: Women in Comms Takes Austin

AUSTIN, Texas -- Women in Comms at BCE -- Women in Comms' eighth networking event was its biggest and best one yet thanks to the non-profit's 40 member companies, ten fantastic speakers, an engaged audience of both women and men from the industry and talented job seekers joining a first-of-its-kind job fair.

Connections were made, jobs were offered and lot of enlightening discussion took place that hopefully not only motivated attendees and their companies to make gender diversity a top priority, but also showed them how to do so in practical, actionable ways.

Click on the image below to launch a short slideshow of the WiC festivities at BCE, including the Board of Advisors dinner, WiC networking luncheon, job fair and Leading Lights awards celebration.

WiC Luncheon in Austin
Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including Women in Comms, right?
Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including Women in Comms, right?

Check back in the coming weeks for special video interviews with many of WiC's members and -- in the meantime -- find more of the WiC event highlights below.

— The Staff, Women in Comms

VicePres54837 6/2/2016 | 10:03:56 AM
From the Women in Comms lunch... Thank you very much, I enjoyed this tremendously and have now started discussion in our organization to create a group.  I was really interested in some of the resources that were mentioned i.e. a HBR study comparing men/women behaviour with blind names, etc.  These sounded like good starting points for our launch.  Can you help direct me to those?

Michelle 5/31/2016 | 12:11:18 PM
Great news Many congrats! I'm glad the event was a great success. :)
ShilpaAtwaal 5/27/2016 | 6:07:55 AM
construction AWESOME BIO
Kelsey Ziser 5/26/2016 | 3:06:24 PM
Congrats! Looked like a fantastic lunch and glad to hear that the job fair was a success!
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