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Why Mentoring's a Must for Intel's Jeni Panhorst

Jeni Panhorst from Intel's Network Platforms Group explains why you should embrace mentoring of all kinds -- from being a mentor to having one to counter-mentoring and pulling up the next generation.

Sarah Thomas 4/5/2017 | 10:29:57 AM
pulling up the next generation Loved hearing Jeni's perspective on mentoring and the idea that we need to "pull up the next generation." It's encouraging to see that there are a number of ways to do so, starting before they get discouraged, which unfortunately happens at such a young age.

You can find more information about two of the programs she mentioned here:

Girls Get IT -- http://www.girlsgetintech.org/

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (which Jeni is a co-chair of this year) -- https://ghc.anitaborg.org/
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