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Should Men Attend Women's Conferences?

ErynLeavens 8/29/2016 | 6:36:32 PM
Re: Everyone is welcome, just not at the same time Great (and sad) point about men being the bosses and managers in this industry and needing to be involved to create change. Since you've attended way more of these events than I have, Sarah, in your experience do men actually attend when they are welcome? At BTE last year I don't think there were any men present (possible Mitch!). Should the question actually be how do we get men to attend women's events or is this something you've witnessed them being drawn towards?
Sarah Thomas 8/29/2016 | 3:31:36 PM
Re: Everyone is welcome, just not at the same time But, I'd add, women's only events are often great for networking with like minded women in the field and they have a certain energy that gets lost with men in attendance. However, for the broader cause, I still think it's important to open them up to all.
Sarah Thomas 8/29/2016 | 3:21:01 PM
Re: Everyone is welcome, just not at the same time In my opinion, it's important for men to be included and welcomed to these types of events, like our own. For one thing, given the male dominance of our industry, they are our managers and bosses. We'll never get ahead if they don't understand the issues. Having them understand and appreciate where women are coming from and what we're up against is important, as is adding their point of view to the discussion. We can't make progress if we are just talking amongst ourselves.
ErynLeavens 8/29/2016 | 2:39:51 PM
Everyone is welcome, just not at the same time I like the idea of an even split. I think men have a place at some women's events, and other events should be women-only. Heather Kirksey brought up trans inclusion in the last WiCipedia, and I do believe that anyone who identifies as trans should of course be welcome at any and all of these events. Best of all worlds.
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