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SanDisk's Nithya Ruff: Getting Women Into Open Source

Women are notoriously under-represented in the tech industry, even more so in the open source community, but open source leaders can encourage diversity by setting behaviorial standards and becoming more inclusive, says Nithya Ruff, director, open source strategy office, at SanDisk.

Sarah Thomas 4/4/2016 | 4:23:45 PM
Re: open source and men Yep, just like good parental leave and family policies can be good for business -- http://www.lightreading.com/business-employment/business-transformation/new-york-scores-a-big-win-for-families-/a/d-id/722372?
Mitch Wagner 4/4/2016 | 4:21:53 PM
Re: open source and men This is emerging as a theme in our WiC coverage. Diversity isn't just good for society; it's good for business. Diverse teams outperform homogenous teams. 
Sarah Thomas 4/4/2016 | 9:56:46 AM
open source and men Great interview! I've heard from several women about how the lack of gender diversity is greater in open source, and Nithya's explanation of why makes sense.

I also liked what she said about it not being women's problem, and that men need to get involved too. It's really not a women's issue, but a business one. That's why we're encouraging men to attend our upcoming WiC events to lend their voice, but also to understand and appreciate the challenges more.
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