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Sarah Thomas 1/28/2016 | 9:29:14 AM
Re: So... You can always vote for Beyonce.
ErynLeavens 1/27/2016 | 5:52:21 PM
So... I can't vote for Beyonce?
MikeP688 1/27/2016 | 2:14:28 PM
Re: Your two cents? It is a tough call--but my vote was for Rosa Parks because as Al Sharpton noted, she sat down so that the rest of us can stand up--not to take away at all from all the leading lights noted in the Poll who have made such a profound difference.

Sarah Thomas 1/27/2016 | 12:46:57 PM
Your two cents? The call for a new female face on the $10 came last June, but today's poll was inspired by this NYT article about all the unexpected backlash from it: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/27/business/a-woman-on-the-10-bill-and-everyone-has-2-cents-to-put-in.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0

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